Agenda: Growing Nuclear Risks in a Changing World

Join us in NYC on May 4th for this important movement building conference. Speakers include Daniel Ellsberg, Arielle Denis, and Joseph Gerson. Please click the link to see the rest of the amazing lineup. May 4th CONF AGENDA 20190425FINAL

Trump’s Veto Of Bill To End US Involvement In Yemen Undermines Peace Efforts

“Trump’s veto undercuts diplomatic efforts to reach a compromise resolution of Yemen’s civil war,” Gerson said. Gerson added that the veto would also mean that the protracted conflict would continue to negatively affect Yemen’s civilian population. “It means that the killing and destabilization will continue at enormous cost to the people of Yemen who are […]

National Reports from the International Peace Bureau

From Short National Reports – IPB, March 23, 2019, Paris As we began the board meeting, we did a quick round of updating reports about politics in each of our countries. You might find some of this interesting, and in many ways consistent with dynamics in U.S., or in some cases more hopeful. SPAIN – […]

Conference: No to NATO, Yes to Peace & Disarmament Counter Summit

Meet and learn from leading international peace activists and advocates! Register by clicking this link. NATO turns 70 in 2019 and will celebrate its anniversary in Washington, DC on April 4th. The date coincides with the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and the day of his seminal “Beyond Vietnam” speech in […]