Solidarity with Fast Opposing Okinawan Human Remains to Build New U.S. Base at Heneko

Oura Bay protest

Friends, The English language edition of Asahi Shimbun recently carried the article reporting that human remains of victims of the catastrophic battle of Okinawa, which claimed a quarter of the island’s population, have been found in the land being mined for landfill for the construction of a new massive U.S. military base at Heneko. Following […]

New Article: A New Cold War with China

pressenza china graphic

By Dr. Joseph Gerson U.S.-Chinese relations will determine humanity’s fate. This applies to the increasingly dangerous arms race and military confrontations, the intense economic and technological competition, and the current absence of disarmament, pandemic, or climate change collaborations. How we respond to and shape that arc of history will affect the lives of this and […]