Growing Nuclear Risks in a Changing World: New Thinking and Movement Building

Join us on the occasion of the NPT review in New York on May 4th, 2019.
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The interregnum between the old and new world disorders is marked by increasingly dangerous military, economic, and high-tech confrontations amount nuclear-armed countries.

The U.S. National Strategy makes planning for possible wars against Russia and China the Pentagon’s new priority. China’s influence is growing across the Asia-Pacific and Eurasia. Russia is again asserting itself as a great power. Creation of a unified and independent European Union military has begun. Wars and competition for regional hegemony continue across the greater Middle East. And we face an “Indo-Pacific” strategic competition. When peace movements have had success in the past, they have been part of broader movements addressing the deeper forces driving militarism and war. Those same forces generate a variety of other injustices and dangers, including growing disparities in wealth, disappearing democracy, xenophobic nationalism, and destruction of the ecosystems we all depend on.

The Growing Nuclear Risks in a Changing World: New Thinking and Movement Building conference brings together an extraordinary array of analysts, organizers, and activists from Russia, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and the Global South to consider how these issues are connected today and how we might work more effectively together for more fair, peaceful, and ecologically sustainable life.

This conference is focused on analysis and movement building.

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